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Healthy living is based on everyday care and prevention

01About TherMedic

Healthy living is based on the daily care and constant prevention. Our research team has found that programs for the treatment of pain tend to focus on the treatment regardless aspects of prevention. The benefits of prevention are seen only when the pain is already present. Our goal in TherMedic ® , is to increase awareness regarding the pain and create a quality life free of pain. Building on the foundations of medical prevention, we integrate a mindset oriented to our productors person to provide new methods of care.All our products come equipped exclusively with ” cabric ®  Inside “, heating pads made of cloth aerospace grade carbon fiber which allows infrared waves effectively and efficiently reach deep tissues through resonance absorption.  This increases circulation, which is the cornerstone of self-healing. Through TherMedic ® , heat and health come as easily and nature, like the air we breathe, and hopefully everyone will be able to feel our determination and enthusiasm.

02Our Technology

Far Infrared Technology – More than 15 years of experience in the field of carbon materials have led to the development of Cabric®, a carbon fiber fabric with the ability to emit FIR (far infrared) energy. Thermedic’s state of the art production facilities in combination with highest quality standards make this fabric a unique base material for a variety of different applications, including medical and hot and cold therapy.

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All projects work best with the full team’s buy-in. Rather than telling them their goals, have them run through an exercise where they determine their own project goals. When they make the commitment themselves, they are psychologically more likely to follow through. We all work best this way. If you’ve chosen the right team, they will choose goals that are appropriately focused and aggressive to achieve the goal.

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