Interview with GMI Post (April 2017)

On April 2017, we were honored to welcome the visit of GMI Post representative. Our CEO, Mr.Arthur Cheng has had a talk with GMI Post representative about our technology, ambition and vision in the medical industry.


Another of Taichung’s leading manufacturing firm, LinkWin Technology is devoted to research and development of carbon fiber and manufacturing advanced products made of the material. So far, the focus of its product development is on medical applications because of its huge growth potential.

To expand its business and research, the company has partnered with several international hospitals, clinics and medical research facilities. As it builds its expertise and knowledge from these partnerships, LinkWin hopes to share their valuable technology with less advanced countries.

“Carbon fiber has very big business opportunities in advanced countries, like the U.S. and in the EU. We want to use this technology in the development of medical devices in the hopes that we can assist other less advanced markets in these medical areas,” President Arthur Cheng said.

Beyond the capital: Taiwan flexes its technological muscle – By Jan Onghanseng – Apr 14, 2017


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