[TIPS] Using ProWrap Ankle Support Brace PW170 correctly and effectively!

When designing and developing a product, the very first thing we do is usually putting ourselves in customer’s shoes to get a little deeper to their insight, knowing what they want, feeling what they need, then coming up with a really brilliant idea. That is why, pretty lots of TherMedic products can be used as 2 in 1, 3 in 1 or even 6 in 1.

You must be familiar with our ProWrap series which includes 3 types of treatments in 1 products as Hot Therapy, Cold Therapy and Brace; each product is compatible with different parts of the body. The PW170 Pro Wrap Ankle Support Brace is known to be able to heat up the area around your ankle and achilles; but do you know it can also provide similar function as PW180 as heat up the bottom of your foot? If you wonder how’s it going, then keep reading! This is a useful tip you won’t want to miss, to turn your PW170 into a multi-purpose brace.



The secret here lies on the heating pad inserted inside the brace. Heating Pad for PW170 is designed in U-shape which can be flexibly rotate up or down.

  • If you wear the brace in the right way so that he logo is upwards, then the U-shaped heating pad placed inside the brace will be positioned upside down and wrap around your Achilles. That’s when the heat can affect the area around your achilles and ankle.


  • If you wear the brace upside down so that the logo is downwards, the U-shaped heating pad now will be positioned right-side-up and cover your sole as well as both sides of your foot as demonstrated below. That’s when you will find your sole and both side of your feet drowning in the heat, just relax and enjoy.

Generally, depends on your preferred affected areas that you will have different way to use the product. Good luck and happy curing with TherMedic!

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