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高科碳纖跨入生技 莞榕計畫跨界成功

  繼上週二家生技公司落戶東莞松山湖高新科技園區,本週再完成跨界生力軍的引進工作。互貴興業與國內先進碳纖研發生產廠商昱程科技簽約,於東莞設立高科碳纖醫療器材運營基地, 昱程科技LinkWin Technology致力於碳纖維的研究和開發,高階碳纖工業上的運用廣泛。 除此之外,用這種材料也很適合使用在醫療產品。特別是遠紅外線物理治療部分,對於肌肉關節的疼痛緩解、局部血液循環加強等。昱程科技遠紅外線產品,曾獲得台灣精品的肯定,並已取得多國醫療器材上市許可。昱程科技看中大陸市場,因此借助互貴興業推動之莞榕計畫,前進大陸市場,以求最大戰果。 (旺報)   Source:… Continue reading

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[2017 July] LinkWin Technology is featured on Japan-based industrial company’s website

ABOUT KBK Kyokuto Boeki Kaisha, Ltd. (KBK) is a Japan-based company engaged in the trading business, export, import, sales or wholesales of and agent services relating to raw materials, industrial supplies and equipments; as well as repair and maintenance services all divisions mentioned above. As of March 31, 2014, the Company had 11 subsidiaries and … Continue reading

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