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TherMedic – Pain Management Made Easy

TherMedic is a brand specializing in research, development, design and sales of far-infrared heating pads made of carbon fiber fabrics and of relevant applicable products.

It is also the first and the only brand in the world to adopt carbon fiber fabrics as heating materials.
Adhering to our mission statement “ Integrity, Innovation, Professionalism, Quality and Cooperation ”
TherMedic has kept on working hard on its products, on product promotion,on technique upgrades, on maintaining lasting good relationships with customers, and on deepening its core and competitive capacity.
We also devote ourselves to exceeding what customers require in quality, function, and products’properties, to build a working environment which is both friendly and competitive, and to achieve higher profits and higher growth for our purposes.
When growing more smoothly and strongly, we hope that a mutual and beneficial cooperative relationship among TherMedic, customers and suppliers can be built.

Sponsor Corner

In order to help the students who have full of energy and don’t like to study, the former president of Danei Junior high school , Mr. Chen, with couch Von found the  weightlifting team.

Weightlifting is very hard but also boring, coaches spend a lot of time to develop these small players, you can expect good players to train for Taiwan in Olympic Glorious! Weightlifting is also very common to sports injuries, like shoulders, waist, knees are very vulnerable area, so LINKWIN Technology uphold support domestic sports development, especially sponsored brace type of cold and hot therapy pads, so players can use as soon as possible after the injury, so that the affected area as soon as possible to get soothing heat and cure, so that players in the shortest possible time to recover, to continue weight training!

As a professional company dedicated to the treatment of acute and chronic pain , TherMedic been supporting local sporting events, especially in swimming. Because swimming is different from other sports , swimmer requires a lot of physical activity and ongoing training ( 2 to 3 hours per day ) . This causes muscle pain, chronic pain, or strain . Strain , if not treated early , it may lead to further injury. For this reason, we have the famous local swim team sponsors , including New Taipei City Xiulang Swim Team (formerly Taipei County swim team ) history.

In order to allow swimmers to recover from muscle pain and chronic pain , we provide an ice pack , each TherMedic ProWrap 3 -in-1 , which will appear as soon as possible to alleviate muscle discomfort. This is an effective method of pain management . Athletes who use our products are praised it as “professional three hot / cold protection” , effectively and quickly relieve pain.

Swimmer Zhang Yi Long, the profession has proved to be a triple support essential to soothe her aching muscles , and within a very short time to let her retraining chronic pain, thereby improving performance.

Logo Evolution

TherMedic ®  has been developed for 5 years. In order to conform our CIS, we redesigned the logo TherMedic ® . Hopefully, you will allow our customers to have the cool picture.